Cartoon Network’s 20th anniversary

Here’s the music video that Cartoon Network will release tomorrow as part of their 20th anniversary celebration. We’ve been helping CN develop their corporate social responsibility program in Latin America — called The Cartoon Movement — for over three years. To the marvelous, fun, ridiculous and irreverent characters of Cartoon Network (and the nice people […]

The new nervous system of mankind

“What we are building now is the nervous system of mankind, which will link together the whole human race, for better or worse, in a unity which no earlier age could have imagined.” – Arthur C. Clarke, “The Social Consequences of Communications Satellites,” paper presented at the 12th International Astronautical Congress, Washington, DC, 1961, and […]

App designed by 11-year-old wins competition

In addition to being awesome just because an 11-year-old won the AT & T competition ahead of adult geeks and hi-tech companies, the app she designed draws on social network and spheres of influence research (probably intuitively rather than consciously) as the best way to get people to change dangerous texting-while-driving behavior. And the combination […]

Bullying — Ben X

Not to be confused with Ben 10 — the valiant hero of our client Cartoon Network’s most successful show — Ben X is the name of an extraordinary 2007 Belgian film about bullying.  Warning: it is not for the faint-hearted.  Nowhere have I seen such an insightful, raw and honest portrayal of bullying — and […]

UN General Assembly gets underway

 UN Press Release18 September 2012 – The United Nations General Assembly today opened its 67th session with an urgent call for cooperation to tackle the economic and political uncertainty which is being experienced in many parts of the world and ensure there are peaceful solutions to international disputes.“Peace and security is a prerequisite for the […]

Natural childbirth

 I know it’s always dicey for men to make pronouncements about childbirth, given the unfair division of labor Mother Nature has assigned men and women when it comes to reproduction, but I am a strong believer in natural childbirth — and home birth when it’s possible.In the U.S. and a growing number of other countries […]

Firma el compromiso de Basta de bullying!

Queremos invitar a todos nuestros amigos — y los amigos de nuestros amigos — a firmar el compromiso en contra del bullying, especificamente, el acoso escolar. Hasta la fecha, casi 60 mil niños, niñas y adultos latinoamericanos se han sumado a la campaña de nuestro cliente Cartoon Network y sus socios: Facebook, Plan International, World […]

Animation for Development — The Story of Cholera

My former UNICEF colleague George McBean — pioneer and guru in the use of animation for development — shared this excellent example of the art: short video is the work of The Global Health Media Project, that has a story on its website on how UNICEF is using The Story of Cholera in West Africa: Warmest […]