Good causes

                                                                           Question: is anybody else out there feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of Causes you are asked to endorse […]

How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away

In case you missed this in the New York Times, here’s a way to fortify your computer defenses against insidious and apparently inevitable cyber attacks. Mel Friedman, a dear friend, writer and journalist operating from a bunker on the Upper West Side, has kindly annotated Nicole Perlroth’s good report. You might want to pass the […]

El cyber-bullying

Ya casi 100 mil personas se han comprometido a ponerle fin al acoso escolar firmando el Compromiso online de la campaña de Cartoon Network y socios, Basta de bullying, no te quedes callado.  Ademas, 200 mil lo han firmado en escuelas y comunidades de America Latina.  Ver la página de la campaña: www.bastadebullying.comUn aspecto cada […]


Both Paul and I worked for different periods as speechwriters — Paul for the President of the UN General Assembly and I for Executive Directors of UNICEF and UNAIDS. Here’s a nice piece by Vice President Al Gore’s former speechwriter, Robert Lehrman, who captures some of the challenges and rewards of the job. Robert […]


Thanks to friends and family for asking how we fared during and after Superstorm Sandy. Fortunately, our extended family came through without a scratch. The Upper West Side, where Rachel and I live, was largely spared. We feel very fortunate. My brother in the East Village and cousins in Queens and Long Island were without […]