UN Secretariat building renovations completed: Is there space for civil society?

We are pleased that the nearly $2 billion renovation of the United Nations Secretariat building is now officially completed. We include Secretary-General Ban’s remarks on this milestone below. Michael Adlerstein, the New York architect who is overseeing the massive project, expects the General Assembly building to be completed in 2014, and the UN now plans […]

Earworms — and the power of radio

Friends, you may have an earworm and not realize it. Check out the program I’ve linked below.I have one — have had it most of my life.Earworms are tunes or snippets of music or speech that get stuck in your head and repeat like a broken record (“broken record” — wow, that really dates me, […]

Kids as inventors

At about the age of eight or nine, many children — boys and girls — develop a fascination with how things are made and want to become inventors themselves. They take things apart and put them back together again, just to see how they work and for the fun of it. They make blueprints of […]