Rape, (in)justice and the power of communication, by Mercedes Sayagues

We share here a powerful story about rape and justice – or rather, injustice – by freelance journalist and Rain Barrel Associate Mercedes Sayagues. Her article for the Centre for Good Governance dramatically illustrates the distance between Mozambique’s good laws and their poor implementation, told through one rape. Sadly, the case came to court several […]

Kul Gautam, Rain Barrel Associate, publishes important book on Nepal

Congratulations to Kul Gautam, former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Rain Barrel Associate, for his book, Lost in Transition:  Rebuilding Nepal from the Maoist mayhem and mega earthquake. This book is worth reading for everyone interested in Nepal or in conflict resolution and re-building a sense of national identity.See video clip from […]

RBC Associate reports from the UN climate change summit

Our good friend and Associate Bill Hinchberger, a top-notch environmental journalist, is part of the Devex team covering the historic event. Here’s where you can follow the excellent Devex coverage: https://www.devex.com/news/live-from-the-paris-climate-conference-87394 And you can follow him on Twitter here: @hinchberger

Webinar on helping kids cope with violence around us

Rain Barrel Associate Barb Kolucki and colleague Tamara Kaldor will offer an Erikson Institute free webinar on Wednesday, December 16, on a subject of interest to many of us:How to better support children of different ages as they are exposed to the news and cope with the fears and insecurities caused by the violence around […]