Preventing the Threat of Polio from Becoming Reality in South Sudan

Rain Barrel Associate Paula Claycomb hit the ground running in South Sudan after arriving in Juba last Thursday. She is designing and facilitating a dual purpose workshop that begins on 29 February.One the one hand, principles and methodologies of Communication for Development will be presented, with plenty of practical exercises for the 40 participants attending […]

The great Irish potato famine

My old boss at UNICEF, the great Jim Grant, often referred to the Irish potato famine as an example of a man-made disaster within a natural one.”Ireland lost more than a quarter of its population to starvation, disease and emigration, while its English overlords hemmed, hawed and, in at least one prominent case, cited God’s […]

UN Comics: Superheroes for the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), approved by the international community last year, are very important and… well, very boring. The 17 goals to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change by 2030 are the most wide-ranging and ambitious development agenda ever adopted. But they are couched in UN-speak, certainly […]

International Social and Behaviour Communication Change Summit

Rain Barrel Associate Paula Claycomb is attending the first International Social and Behaviour Communication Change Summit in Addis Ababa. She just sent this short dispatch from Day 1: Over 750 participants from 52 countries ended the first of this 3-day gathering on as high a note as it began. Keynote speakers in the morning were […]

Zika: Don’t Forget Community Engagement

As local and national authorities mobilize to counter the outbreak of Zika virus in 23 countries of The Americas, policy makers must ensure that engagement with the affected communities is central to their efforts.This blog post makes the case for cutting edge communication methodologies and practices to be included in all policies, strategies and plans, […]