Kids to presidential candidates: listen to us!

RBC sends warmest congratulations to UNICEF USA on the launch of their Youth Poll Study along with an urgent call on presidential candidates to take a stand on children’s issues. Rain Barrel is proud to have helped pave the way for this initiative by carrying out the first-ever Situation Analysis of Children’s Rights in the United States earlier this year.

The Harris study shows that the vast majority of children are worried about more than just themselves; they are deeply concerned about the state of the country and the planet.  Gun violence, bullying, climate change, poverty, inequality and online safety rank among kids’ greatest concerns.

Children in the U.S. feel alienated from politics — only a third of the children polled felt included in the political process. Over 80% think kids could help make America better if they were engaged and their voices heard.

They say the presidential candidates should invite young people to ask questions at presidential debates.

UNICEF USA’s 40,000 high school and college volunteers in 44 states have asked all current presidential candidates to share their vision for children.

Here’s the full Harris poll:

UNICEF USA has created a Civic Action Center where you can make your voice heard by registering to vote and asking each presidential candidate to share their vision for children:

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