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We think it's great that The Economist is planning a new column on Latin America, a region that has a special place in our hearts and careers...

Any good ideas?

Editor's note from The Economist

Our new Latin American column

Dec 16th 2013, 21:06
In February we will start a new weekly column in The Economist about Latin America. We are searching for a title for the column, along the lines of Bagehot, Charlemagne or Lexington. Preferably, it has to be a title that has some resonance throughout the region and which fits with The Economist’s broadly liberal outlook. It could be geographical or botanical (eg Aconcagua or kiwicha). It could be mythological (eg. Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl, whose cult favoured the spread of trade). Or of course it could be a historical figure: Vespucci, Humboldt or Cochrane all have resonance, but were outsiders. Or Bello, Juárez, Miranda, or Tiradentes? We would welcome your thoughts and ideas (and please don’t nominate Bolívar, a great man but a conservative). Please reply to by January 3rd 2014.
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