Rain Barrel is privileged to be able to draw on the diverse talents of media and social-change experts — all personal friends and colleagues — who comprise our roster of over 50 Associates.

They live in every region and many are experienced in field assignments in some of the world’s hotspots. In recent years, our Associates have worked in Latin America, the Balkans, South Asia, Central Asia and Africa on a wide range of assignments. We know how to get around in diverse environments and deliver under the most difficult conditions.

Our current Rain Barrel Associates are:

Dorina Andreev
Elena Azaola
Roberta Brangam
Martin Burcharth
Sara Cameron
Andrew Carlson
Beth Carmona
Carolina Casas
Kul Chandra Gautam
Carmen Cronin
Jacobia Dahm
Jim Dawson
Maria Gabriela de Vita
Shalini Dewan
John Dinges
Madeline Eisner
Sara Franky
Wolfgang Friedl
Mel Friedman
Liz Gibbons
Rina Gill
Donna L. Goodman
Cindy Hawes
Amy Henderson Riley
Bill Hinchberger
Farkhad Imambakiev
Tomas Jensen
Eva Jespersen
Sandra Jimenez Loza
Ivonne Klein Kreisler
Barry Koch
Barbara Kolucki
Saville Kushner
Pierre LaRamée
Silvia Lovato
Cassio Luiselli
Manuel Manrique Castro
John Meyers
David Mould
Janet Nelson
PCI Media Impact
Loch Phillipps
Larissa Pissarra
Niloufar Pourzand
Alyce Russo
Mercedes Sayagues
Steven Schall
Chris Schuepp
Ami Sengupta
Singular, Media & Content
Suruchi Sood
Brigitte Stark-Merklein
Georg Steinboeck
Markus Stoffel
Teresa Stuart Guida
Silvio Waisbord
Batilloi Warritay
Ellen Weiss