In 2009, Cartoon Network Latin America (CNLA), a leading children’s entertainment network reaching 60 million households in the region, decided to put more energy into its corporate social responsibility program, which had been small, ad hoc and charity-oriented in nature. They approached Rain Barrel, knowing our long experience with children’s rights and Latin America, to help develop a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign.

Our challenge was to find ways to help CNLA – a Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner subsidiary -- become a better corporate citizen while ensuring that its DNA as a fun-filled, edgy entertainment channel for kids remained intact.

Working over several years with CNLA’s management, creative and marketing teams, we have helped the broadcaster develop a robust and multi-faceted pro-social program, called The Cartoon Movement. Together, we articulated a clear mission: promoting children’s rights to play, to healthy lifestyles, safe and inclusive sports, media creativity, a healthy environment and freedom from violence, particularly bullying.

Never sacrificing their commitment to providing escapist entertainment for kids to enjoy, the team developed public service announcements and campaigns drawing on beloved Cartoon Network characters that encourage kids to become more active in their schools and communities, and have fun doing it.

The most exciting and impactful campaign to date has been Basta de bullying, no te quedes callado in Spanish and Chega de bullying, naô fique calado in Portuguese (Stop Bullying, Speak up! in English).

Introduced in 2012, the campaign continues to raise awareness that bullying is widespread, unacceptable and hurts everyone involved.

The Basta campaign combines media campaigns with on-the-ground training and assemblies in schools and communities, with NGOs Plan International and World Vision as partners. In several countries, ministries of education and the Ibero-American Organization for Education, Science and Culture have embraced the initiative.

CNLA has provided tens of millions of dollars in production and airtime to promote awareness of its pledge against bullying and a toolkit for kids, parents and educators that provide concrete tips for how to counter bullying and cyberbullying.

Rain Barrel is proud to have been instrumental in developing these campaigns and partnerships that enable Cartoon Network to give back to its audiences in concrete and meaningful ways. It is an enduring and gratifying collaboration that has won the network several awards for its pro-social initiatives.