63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

When Miguel d’Escoto, a long-time Sandinista political figure and priest from Nicaragua, was elected President of 63rd Session of the UN General Assembly, he approached Rain Barrel in search of a speech writer and communications advisor. Paul agreed to join his cabinet fulltime and over the course of d’Escoto’s controversial tenure (2008-9) produced scores of speeches covering the range of issues taken up by the world’s most representative body.

Among a range of progressive initiatives, d’Escoto campaigned to restore the rightful place of the General Assembly as a uniquely representative international forum for consultation on issues affecting all 193 UN member states.

As speech writer, Paul was at the center of the campaign to raise awareness and support for the reform of the international financial architecture, a move propelled by the unfolding global economic recession that devastated economies around the world. d’Escoto’s term also coincided with the first Israeli invasion of Gaza, in which he criticized the Security Council for its inability to prevent the mass destruction that took place in early 2009.

Rain Barrel was honored to help articulate the messages of such an historic and activist GA presidency.

D’escoto’s speeches and messages are available at: