Many of our Associates, our Project Coordinator and one of our Directors worked for UNICEF for decades, all at senior levels. It was more than a job -- it was working for the world’s conscience when it comes to children, and we all became experts in children’s rights and remain committed to promoting them wherever possible.


Since Rain Barrel was established, we have taken on progressively more ambitious and challenging consultancies with UNICEF, moving from report writing and editing to development of large-scale behavior and social change communication strategies.

We have also been tapped to pinch hit as managers when human resources are in short supply. We are one of 27 companies worldwide to have a Long Term Agreement with UNICEF in the field of Communication for Development.

Credit: UNICEF

Credit: UNICEF

UNICEF C4D  Workshop, Kyrgyzstan

UNICEF C4D Workshop, Kyrgyzstan

South Sudan

Credit: D'Arcy Lunn

Writing and editing usually involves a range of services: drafting, re-writing, editing, proofreading, and sometimes design and layout.

We drafted and edited policy papers and fact sheets in the areas of Early Childhood Development and Education for UNICEF’s Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

We edited and extensively rewrote The Rights of Children and Adolescents in Mexico: a Present Day Agenda for UNICEF Mexico.

For UNICEF Moldova, Rain Barrel edited their report on The Child-Friendly Schools Initiative in that Eastern European nation.

We created and edited a Working Papers series for UNICEF’s Communication for Development section at NY headquarters. We also edited policy briefs, and helped finalize several Project Cooperation Agreements and C4D toolkits.

Rain Barrel was commissioned by the UNICEF Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa to draft a series of advocacy kits, fact sheets and talking points aimed at influencing policy-makers and legislators in 22 countries.

C4D strategy development involves working with UNICEF offices, governments, communities and young people to craft behavior and social change programs that tackle some of the greatest challenges of development through dialogue, social mobilization, media campaigns, advocacy and movement-building.  

We fielded an eight-person expert team to work with UNICEF Nepal to design a comprehensive Communication for Development strategy for their new, five-year Country Program.

In Timor-Leste, we partnered with national NGO Ba Futuru to support UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Services in the development of a parenting education program for recipients of Bolsa de Mae, a conditional cash transfer program for the country’s poorest families.

We supported UNICEF Angola to formulate a communication strategy that uses a mix of traditional channels such as theatre and newer ones like social media and cell phones.

Consultations with government and civil society partners in Pakistan resulted in a draft communication strategy aimed specifically at strengthening the country’s routine immunization system.

UNICEF Kyrgyzstan Country Office commissioned Rain Barrel to develop a Communication for Development strategy in keeping with a focus on policy issues and institutional strengthening.


Management pinch-hitting – On several occasions, Rain Barrel has been called in to fill a temporary gap in human resources, helping to keep projects going and advising on the day-to-day tasks of communication sections.  

In South Sudan, our team member provided guidance and technical support for UNICEF’s program in the world’s newest but still conflict-ridden nation.

A Rain Barrel Associate worked with the headquarters Division of Communication to support the organization’s participation in the UN system’s Delivering as One framework and in the Secretary-General’s global campaign against violence.