Credit: Universidad del Norte

Colleagues in the Social Communication Department of the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia asked Rain Barrel to provide strategic support to the university’s award-winning Pisotón Education Program for Social and Emotional Development.

The Pisotón team of psychologists and educators has been working with parents, educators, social workers and policymakers in Colombia and other countries to apply cutting-edge knowledge to the care and education of children during the first six years of life, with an emphasis on social and emotional development.

Rain Barrel’s consultancy aimed at helping them strengthen their communication strategy and creative materials for children, caregivers and educators.

Rain Barrel organized a communication strategy and creative development workshop for the Pisotón team and academics from the departments of psychology, education, communication, computer science and arts and design. We brought together a team of international experts to share best practices in quality media for young children, as well as cutting edge C4D theory and practice, including from UNICEF, Sesame Workshop, PBSKids Digital and Yale University.

In addition to reviewing theory and practice, hands-on sessions reviewed the program’s communication materials (story books, videos, games, etc.); explored ways to strengthen the program’s research and M& E components; drafted briefs for 30-second TV spots (a creative exercise) and brainstormed about ways to grow the program and share its materials and methodologies with other countries.

We returned several months later with Brazilian quality media for children expert and Rain Barrel Associate Beth Carmona — Director of Singular, Media & Content and the Sao Paulo ComKids Festival — to work with the Pisotón team on a follow up strategy.