Ellen Weiss

Ellen Weiss is a Grammy award-winning writer, producing books, videos, songs, television scripts and articles for and about children since the 1970’s. In addition to writing over 150 books, fiction and non-fiction, for children of all ages, Ellen has worked as an editor for Scholastic, Xerox Education Publications, Children’s Television Workshop, Jim Henson Productions, and HarperCollins Children’s Books. She was a staff writer on Nickelodeon’s preschool program Eureeka’s Castle, and she has written articles about children for Parents Magazine, The Sesame Street Parents’ Newsletter, and UNICEF. She frequently collaborates with her husband, Mel Friedman. A passionate supporter of the arts in public schools, Ellen has been a moving force for the past 20 years in Opus 118, a group that brings music lessons to kids in East Harlem. ellenweissbooks.com opus118.org

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