Eva Jespersen

Eva Jespersen’s career at the United Nations closely tracks its efforts to promote people-centered development. She began as a researcher for UNICEF’s ground-breaking Adjustment with a Human Face, which inspired the principles of “human development” and, in turn, the sustainable development agenda. Her more recent work focused on partnership building and communication with broad audiences. Eva managed the Human Development Reports Office as deputy (2009-2017), where she applied people-centered approaches to country analysis, migration and rural development in East Asia. She also guided the Social Monitor-CEE/CIS, and the Report Cards on children in rich countries, which attracted global attention. She advocates for the use of indicators and measurement to stimulate debate, action and innovative approaches. Eva proudly serves on the Secretary-General’s Expert Group on the Data Revolution. She is passionate about social justice and the empowerment of communities and individuals to lead lives with dignity and opportunities.

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