Markus Stoffel

Markus Stoffel, an award-winning German videographer based in Nuremberg, has worked as a cameraman, sound mixer and video director since 1987. As a member of the German Society of Cinematographers (BVK), he is working extensively on documentary films, videos for social media, commercials and image films, often with a focus on social and cultural themes.

Working in over 25 countries, Markus has covered the civil war in Bosnia and other crises and often worked on videos featuring children, refugees and people traumatized by political violence. He has collaborated with other directors on documentaries featuring international celebrities. Markus was nominated for the German Camera Award for best documentary cinematography for “Inside me”, which followed the lives of seven persons with intellectual disabilities. He recently produced seven videos for social media about the commercial sexual exploitation of children for ECPAT International, an NGO which works to end child commercial sexual exploitation. Visit Markus’ website.

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