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Gary Coldevine

Concordia University’s tribute to Gary Coldevin

We were very moved to see this outpouring of affection and recognition for recently-deceased RBC Associate Gary Coldevin from Concordia University, where he taught for a quarter of a century.  We were honored to contribute to the university’s online tribute.  Gratitude and respect, dear Gary!  

41 escoto

Rain Barrel remembers Miguel d’Escoto

As the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly prepares to open on September 12, fireworks are expected around the controversial reform agenda.  But it will be hard to beat the 63rd Session in 2008-9 for controversy. President Miguel d’Escoto invited Rain Barrel director Paul Hoeffel to join his cabinet as his speechwriter, aware of his […]

IAP Date

Launch of the IAP 2017 Report

Rain Barrel is happy to see that an important report we worked on will be launched September 18th at UN headquarters.  The report focusses on the health and human rights of adolescents around the world — how they are getting far too little attention and support from the various “powers-that-be”. The Independent Accountability Panel 2017 Report is […]

The Conversation

“Sunny with a chance of apocalypse” — communication art and science grappling with climate change

This excellent article, published on The Conversation website where journalism and science seamlessly meet, encapsulates Rain Barrel’s overall approach to communication.  The section called “What we know from the literature” nicely summarizes what we frequently call “gain frame” communication, the positive framing of solutions to address social problems rooted in conscious or unconscious biases and ingrained […]


New Director Named to Rain Barrel Communications

Rain Barrel Communications is pleased to announce the appointment of Paula Claycomb as Director. She joins Paul Hoeffel and Robert David Cohen, former senior UN communication officers, prize-winning journalists and social activists, who founded Rain Barrel in 2008. Paula has been serving since 2014 as Project Manager and team member on work ranging from increasing […]

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Hear it from survivors of childhood sexual exploitation.

Early this year we let you know that ECPAT called on Rain Barrel to provide support in documenting the first ever forum for adult survivors of childhood sexual exploitation. It took place in November 2016 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Now we want to share the completed video with you, produced by Rain […]

NYT Waisbord

Why is it so hard to stop believing false information?

We were delighted to see this incisive op-ed piece by Rain Barrel Associate Silvio Waisbord in the Spanish language edition of the New York Times.  His article (available only in Spanish) draws on research into individual and social forms of bias that make human beings resistant to facts and scientific explanations that do not confirm […]