Meeting Design and Facilitation

Rain Barrel works with a range of organizations to plan and facilitate their meetings, workshops, seminars and retreats.  Some are routine gatherings to exchange information and update colleagues. Others are intended to launch planning processes, to make strategic decisions or to provide training.
Whatever the purpose of your group’s meeting or workshop, we can provide skilled planners and facilitators to guide the process, providing outside perspectives and, when needed, add value with specific expertise. We work with your team to design agendas that draw on the wisdom and creativity of participants, respecting senior management needs and including junior staff in the process. We can identify additional participants from community, academic or other stakeholder groups, when relevant. 
Whether it’s a two-hour session or a weeklong workshop, Rain Barrel’s experts place a high value on inclusion. We pay special attention to people with disabilities to ensure they have full access to the meeting’s content and methodology.