Pro-social Campaigns

Rain Barrel promotes good causes. We work with clients to make their pro-social campaigns stand out and inspire transformation — both individual and social change.
Each advocacy campaign we design is based on empirical behavioral research and insights into specific cultural and economic contexts.
We understand that change does not happen by bombarding the public with messages and images, no matter how compelling they may be. Advocacy gains traction when messages become stories, and those stories are transmitted across multiple media channels, clearly articulating the local voices of social movements.
Even where the topic is dark (e.g., violence against children or the spread of pandemics), we have found that gain- and solution-framing inspires hope and action far more than focusing on problems or inducing fear. Often, humor and spotlighting of champions and using examples of positive deviance go a long way to generate light and warmth in campaigns that would otherwise numb compassion-fatigued audiences.
Rain Barrel's Directors and Associates have worked on successful -- some award-winning -- campaigns for clients as diverse as Cartoon Network and the United Nations Children's Fund.