Social and Behavior Change Communication

Rain Barrel has extensive experience with the development of social change initiatives. We specialize in Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC), which is the art and the science of supporting individuals and groups to adopt new behaviors or practices that improve their own, their families’ and their communities’ well-being.
Drawing on our expert Associates around the world, Rain Barrel assembles teams that tackle the multi-faceted SBCC process. They support the understanding of both the operational and policy sides of development with strategic social (group) and behavior (individual) change communication.
SBCC is exciting and complex, as it draws on the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, psychology together with communications. It involves research, dialogue and planning with people at all levels, with a focus on community- and family-based groups.
For example, our support to the Government of Cambodia, NGOs and UNICEF included the development of a multi-faceted communication strategy to end violence against children and unnecessary family separation. As of early 2018, the strategy is moving into the implementation phase.