Clear, Focused Communications

Rain Barrel has a dynamic team of consultants - writers, media advisors and trainers, strategy planners, social campaign experts, speech writers, editors, video makers and photographers. We are ready to work with you to enhance your brand, your partnerships, your communications and your campaigns, anywhere in the world. Using a human rights approach, we help you think through your mission, build campaigns from the ground up, provide strategic guidance and advice on media outreach, and find the right partners to help you connect all those elusive dots.

Communication for Development

We work closely with our clients to design social change programs based on the latest participatory approaches and scientific research into individual and group behavior.

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Strategic Partnerships

We can help identify and bring together partners that add new energy to organizations.

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Writing, Speech Writing and Editing

Many of our Associates are experienced writers, editors and proofreaders. We write strong, inspiring speeches and produce copy that conveys our clients’ messages clearly – and convincingly.

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Media Relations

Rain Barrel provides strategic counsel as well as personal contacts to help you navigate today’s crowded media landscape.

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Training and Workshop Facilitation

Many of Rain Barrel’s Associates are expert trainers and workshop facilitators, with a focus on media capacity, strategy development and human rights, especially around women and children.

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News and commentary from Rain Barrel and our Associates. You are welcome to join in!

We share our knowledge and energy to help give voice to those who are struggling to make life a little better for everyone. 

Robert David Cohen and Paul Hoeffel are former senior UN communications officials as well as prize-winning journalists and social activists. They have worked in dozens of countries to facilitate dialogue, create partnerships, foster trust and find common ground among diverse stakeholders for a broad array of advocacy causes. They listen. They facilitate. They play well with others. They’re at home in politically charged, multicultural environments. They foster public policy debate. And they especially enjoy working with those who look for genius and laughter in the workplace and other unexpected places.

When Rain Barrel Communications was set up in 2008, it was a two-person consultancy: Paul and Robert. Sometimes we’re asked to consider projects that we don’t have the time or the expertise to take on. For this reason, we expanded Rain Barrel — first, in 2012, and again in 2015 — to include a number of colleagues who have complementary skills and who are available to work with us or to take the lead on specialized assignments. They are all well known to us both and possess exceptional professional credentials. 


We would like to sincerely thank the Rain Barrel Team for all the efforts to develop the most ambitious C4D strategy, which will be a roadmap to guide not only the UNICEF Nepal Country Office but the Nepali government in the coming years.
Hanaa Singer, Representative, UNICEF Nepal, on the Everyday Heroes C4D Strategy

Rain Barrel’s professional involvement over the years has helped us create a robust pro-social program that is both credible and substantive…and is having an impact on the lives of many children and their families in the region. We couldn’t have done it without Rain Barrel.
Barry Koch, Vice President, Cartoon Network Latin America

Homepage photo credit: Carmen Cronin, Nepal, 2014